SII develops silicon based UV sensor for wearable devices and IoT

SII Semicondutor, a subsidiary of Seiko Instruments, together with the research team of Professor Shigetoshi Sugawa and Associate Professor Rihito Kuroda from Tohoku University, announces the development of mass production technology of a silicon-based ultraviolet (UV) sensor that detects from UV-A (315-400nm) to UV-B (280-315nm) ranges. By taking the difference between the high sensitivity photodiode […]


SII Semiconductor releases serial EEPROM with top of class writing speed at 1.6V operation

SII Semiconductor, an associated company of Seiko Instruments, has released automotive serial EEPROM “S-93CxxCD0H series(105℃)” and “S-93AxxBD0A series (125℃)」”. Both series feature top-of-class writing speed at 4ms while “S-93CxxCD0H series” also supports minimum opeating voltage at 1.6V. The IC is available in HSNT-8(2030)(2.0×3.0×t0.5 mm) package, which is ultra small in size while easy to mount. […]