Nichicon to acquire part of power supply business of Murata

Nichicon has signed confirmation of intention with Murata on 5 Apr to transfer part of power supply business from Murata to Nichicon. Both companies plan to sign the confirmation of transfer within May 2017.

The scope of the transfer will include AC-DC switching power supplies aimed at markets such as office equipment, industrial electronics, home appliances, and arcades as well as high-voltage power supplies. Products for the projector and lighting markets and products designed by Murata Power Solutions are excluded from the transfer.

According to Murata, it intends to revise its portfolio in the power module business and reallocate resources to its target markets in order to enhance its competitive edge and expand its business. In the power module business, Murata will mainly focus on products like DC-DC converters and AC-DC switching power supplies for the energy, data communications, and server markets.

According to Nichicon, it is strengthening efforts towards growth markets such as environment, energy, automobiles, railroads, vehicles and medical care as well as digital consumer electronics and information communication with its core technologies like capacitor, circuit and inverter. Nichicon believes that this transaction will contribute to growth of business related to power supply by expanding customer base.

Source: Nichicon, Murata

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