Mitsubishi Electric releases discrete SiC-SBD device

Mitsubishi Electric has released their first discrete SiC-SBD (Silicon Carbide Schottky Barrier Diode) devices on 1 March. SiC-SBD and SiC-MOSFET has been used in Mitsubishi Electric’s power modules before, but this is their first discrete parts.

They are available in two packages: TO-220 with model number BD20060T and TO-247 with model number BD20060S. Both models support maximum current 20A and maximum voltage 600V.

The new devices use JBS (Junction Barrier Schottky) construction. JBS construction, which is combination of pn junction and Schottky junction, provides high surge capability and high reliability to the new SiC-SBD devices.

Compared with existing silicon diode used by power modules released by Mitsubishi Electric, the newly announced SiC-SBD devices can reduce about 21% of power loss. Also, with higher speed switching it can allow designs with smaller size peripheral parts such as inductor.

Product Model Number Package Specification Sample Price (Tax excluded) Release Date
SiC-SBD BD20060T TO-220 20A / 600V 1,000 JPY 1 Mar 2017
BD20060S TO-247 1 Sep 2017
(Sample availablity: 1 Mar 2017)

Source: Mitsubishi Electric

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