Kyocera announces world smallest crystal resonant in 1.0×0.8mm

Kyocera Crystal Device has announced the commercialization of world smallest crystal resonant “CX1008” with dimension of 1.0×0.8mm. Sample will be available on May 2017 and mass production will be started within 2017 fiscal year.

Normally, series resistance (CI value) will be 30% higher if crystal unit is switched from 1.2×1.0mm to 1.0×0.8mm, therefore circuit design of the PCB would be needed to be revised. With crystal element optimization using Kyocera’s piezoelectric analysis technology, CX1008 has the same electrical characteristic as CX1210 with 1.2×1.0mm dimension, therefore it can be used without change of circuit design.

This time, an ultra high precision processing technology “Plasma CVM” (Chemical Vaporization Machining) was employed to lower the variance of oscillating frequency. The technology, which was co-developed with Associate Professor Kazuya Yamamura from Osaka University, is a processing method that utilizes neutral radicals in the plasma and the chemical reaction of the surface of the workpiece. It enables precise control of the thickness and surface condition of the crystal.

Kyocera Crystal Device, which handles development, manufacture and sale of crystal components, will be merged into Kyocera Corporation on 1 Apr 2017 as announced on 28 Nov 2016.

Source: Kyocera Crystal Device

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