Torex Launches Hi-SAT COT DC/DC Regulators for FPGA/ASIC POL

Torex Semicondutor has launched the XC9273 series of DC/DC converter featuring its unique Hi-SAT COT (Constant On-Time) fast transient response control. The XC9273 series is designed as point-of-load (POL) regulator for high load fluctuation FPGA and ASIC devices, providing fast transient response, low ripple and high efficiency. It supports input voltage from 2.7V to 5.5V and output voltage from 0.8V to 3.6V with maximum current of 3A. Switching frequency is 1.2MHz or 3MHz. Users may select PWM or auto PWM/PFM switching control operation mode.

The COT control method regulates by switching on when output voltage is lower than reference voltage, which provides excellent transient response but high fluctuation of switching. Compared with conventional COT control, HiSAT-COT can provide best in class transient response for low-voltage DC/DC regulator while reducing fluctuation of switching frequency against loading and input voltage by adjusting switch-on time.

Source: Torex Semicondutor

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