Murata releases 1608 size PTC thermistor for heating

Murata Manufacturing has announced the commercialization of world smallest class PTC thermistor for heater. The new PTC thermistor is named “Micro Heater” has the dimension of 1.6×0.8×0.68mm. Mass production was started on Nov 2016.

The PTC thermistor “Micro Heater” is packaged in insulating resin with 1608 chip size. The small size is designed to facilitate flexible mounting position to provide targeted heating in required area for healthcare equipment and beauty appliances. The flat top of the chip can be brought to close contact to target area, so it is effective to provide direct heating. Design flexibility is also increased as heater with different shapes can be achieved with multiple PTC elements.

The PTC thermistor can be driven with low voltage. For example, dry cell battery at 1.5V can be used. PTC ceramic material also has self temperature control feature that it will not increase temperature above curie point, so the safety of the heater is high.

Item Characteristics
 Resistance at 25℃  2.2-68Ω(7 types)
 Curie Point  85-105 ℃
 Maximum Voltage  2-6V
 Dimension  1.6×0.8×0.68mm

Source: Murata Manufacturing

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