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Panasonic to release air purifiers with newly developed ion device “Nanoe X”

Panasonic has announced two new humidifying air purifier models “F-VXM90” and “F-VXM70”, utilising its new charged water particle device “Nanoe X” co-developed with Prof. Yoshio Higashiyama from Yamagata University.

The original ion particle generator “Nanoe” was released on 2003 and largely utilised in public area and home appliance such as air conditioner and air purifier. “Nanoe X” has changed the shape of its electrodes to increase the amount of OH radicals generated to 10 times of the original device.

According to Panasonic, the new device can largely improve its performance to neutralise allergies from pollen, mite and insect, as well as disintegrating bad smell from tobacco, sweat, etc. Both models are expected to be launched on 15 Sep 2016 with expected street price of JPY 91,000 and 67,000 respectively.

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