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Panasonic to release premium electric fan utilizing walnut wood at over $1000

Panasonic has announced a premium living fan “RINTO F-CWP3000” utilizing high class walnut wood in the pillar.

This product adopted high-grade wood “Walnut” in the pillar, which is used for high-end furniture and musical instruments. The walnut used for RINTO is selected carefully around the Great Lakes of North America by masters of “Miroku” group, a company with 100 years history of making hunting gun. Polishing and painting are performed by hand with craftmanship’s eyesight.

The motor part on the back is compact and screws are invisible from the surface. Gemstone color is used for the feathers and support the main body in the glossy black jet color.

By making the entire blade streamlined design, it reduces the air resistance during rotation, it delivers a more balanced, smoother wind with less variation in wind speed. With Panasonic’s own “1/f fluctuation” technology, a more natural and comfortable wind is realized. Also, temperature sensor which detects room temperature is installed. It automatically turns on and off the fan, adjusts the air volume according to the room temperature, and smartly controls the operation when relaxing or sleeping.

The fan will be release on 20 May 2017. Expected retail price is 120,000 JPY. Monthly production rate is expected at 600 units.

Source: Panasonic

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