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High-end rice cooker with charcoal pot, Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric announces a new high-end rice cooker “Honsumigama KAMADO” NJ-AW107. The series “Honsumigama” with its distinctive charcoal pot, first released 10 years ago in 2006, marks the era of high-end rice cooker in Japanese market. Since then almost every Japanese home appliance maker competes in the high-end rice cooker market. Their successful even led Chinese company Xiaomi to announce a rice cooker to compete with Japanese makers at a more affordable price for its local market.

This new rice cooker features a 99.9% pure charcoal pot in traditional kamado (cooking stove) shape. The cooking power has been increased to 112% of previous model released in 2015, said to be allowing more faithfully reproduce the rice cooked by traditional cooking stove, with more water in rice while keeping its firm shape. To couple with increased power, it features a double inner lid with new share to prevent boiling over.

It also has optimized cooking profiles for 29 brands of rice available in Japan, increased from 26 brands in previous model.

It will be released in Japan on 21 May, with expected price at 120,000 JPY (approx. 1110 USD). Mitsubishi Electric plans to produce 5000 units per month.

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