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Panasonic to release rice cooker with pressurized reheat feature

Panasonic will release steam and variable pressure IH rice cooker “SR-SPX7 series” on 1 June, with new pressurized reheat feature added along with existing steam and pressure in older “Double Dance Cooking” (W Odoritaki) models.

The original “Double Dance Cooking” series rice cooker, released in 2013, was the first rice cooker to combine steam and pressure features in one unit. The name “Dance Cooking” originally came from Sanyo, which released the first pressurized IH rice cooker in 1992 and first variable pressure IH rice cooker in 2002. After being aqquired by Panasonic in 2013, the highly regarded series was kept by Panasonic and combined with Panasonic’s steam IH technology to become the current “Double Dance Cooking” series.

The pressurized reheat feature utilizes 1.15atm to bring boiling point to 103℃ in reheat mode, which increase sweetness by 10% and chewy feel by 9% when compared with the 2016 model. The new SR-SPX7 series use a new inner pot “Diamond Kamadogama” that increase heat insulation by 10%. Also the new high temperature cleaning mode reduces the smell after cooking by 28% and cleaning time by 40%.

As with previous models, the SR-SPX7 features cooking profiles specfically designed for different varieties of rice. The number of profiles has been increased from 46 types to 50 types of rice.

The lineup will include two size, SR-SPX107 with 1.0L capacity and SR-SPX187 with 1.8L capacity. It will be available in “Rouge Black” and “Snow Crystal White” colors. The planned monthly production rate is 10,000 units for all models in the series combined.

Source: Panasonic

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