ROHM releases Hi-Res audio SoC and industry-first reference platform

ROHM Semiconductor has announced the development of Hi-Res compatible audio SoC “BM94803AEKU”, which integrates microcontroller, memory, decoder for various audio format with interfaces to CD, USB, SD, Bluetooth and PC (as an USB DAC).

Existing solutions usually require external CD-DSP (for decoding CD) and SDRAM, this new audio SoC combines everything from I/O interface, audio decoders to SDRAM into one package, reducing the space required for implementation and the need of care for EMC between different devices. Apart from supporting different media format such as FLAC and DSD, ROHM also uses its know-how of stable playback of different media (such as damaged CD and out-of-spec USB) accumulated in more than 20 years.

ROHM has also developed an industry-first Hi-Res compatible audio reference design based on the audio SoC, to help audio equipment manufactures to reduce time in development and adjusting sound signatures. The SOC “BM94803AEKU” has started mass production on Jan 2017 with expected monthly production rate of 30,000 units. Sample price for the SoC is 4000 JPY and the reference design is 70,000 JPY.

Media Connection type / Media file format
Smartphone AOA2.0 (Android)
iAP/aAP2 (iOS)
PC Audio Class2.0 (USB-DAC)

Source: ROHM

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