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Toshiba Develops Natural LED Spotlight for Museums

Toshiba Lighting and Technology (TLT) has developed a small LED spotlight with built-in power supply for museum use.

Traditionally museums are using halogen lamp and high-CRI fluorescent lamp for their high color reproduction, but their positions needed to be adjusted for each exhibition to adjust brightness.

The new LED spotlight features Bluetooth for remote brightness control from smartphone, and purple LED to achieve higher reproduction of sunlight at Ra95. Combining LED in red, green, blue and purple, the light spectrum is more similar to continuous spectrum of sunlight. It is said to make complex reflection of gold and light skin color possible to be reproduced in exhibition more accurately.

Dimension Diameter 50mm, Total Length 149mm
Light Flux 570lm
Beam Opening 18°
Color Temperature 4000K
CRI (Ra) 95 (R9~R15>90)
Power Consumption 10.2W
Brightness Range 1~100%
Communication Method Bluetooth low energy

Source: Toshiba Lighting and Technology

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