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Premium calculator with aluminum alloy body at $240

Casio has revealed a new color of its premium calculator “S100”. The navy blue color model “S100BU” is released on 31 March 2017. The expected market price is 27,000 JPY (excluding tax, approx $240 USD).

The original premium calculator “S100”, available only in black, was released on Sep 2015. The flagship model features aluminum alloy body, FSTN display with high contrast and slim isolation key.

The S100 series is manufactured in Casio’s main factory “Yamagata Casio” in Japan, which oversees all Casio factories in the world.

The S100 is the first calculator to use dual side Anti-reflective (AR) coated display window and FSTN LCD. It increase light transmittance and reduce glare of fluorescent lamps, so the content of display would remain clearly visible in various lighting environments.

It is also the first calculator to use isolation key in V-shaped gear link structure. The keys feature two-color molding finishing which the number would not fade after long-time use.

Source: Casio

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